Natural therapies

Chinese medicine has a long and established history of improving fertility, dating back over 700 years. Today, Integrated Fertility combines the wisdom and skills of this tradition with the latest findings from research and clinical studies.

Acupuncture involves the application of very fine needles to specific points on the body and there are different approaches to applying it to Assisted Reproduction.

It can be used to complement hormone stimulation in in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination cycles. This protocol is based on a study showing an increased blood supply to the uterus and ovaries and a regulation of hormones that may be beneficial for follicular growth and implantation.

Acupuncture and blood flow. Magarelli PC, Cridennda D, Cohen M (2009). Fertil Steril, 92(6): 1870-1879.

On the other hand, its use in embryo transfer has been associated with a significant increase in the pregnancy rate, especially in the group of women whose expected pregnancy rate was equal to or less than 30%. It is also applied in the transfer of frozen embryos.

Acupuncture and embryo transfer. Zhang R et al (2011). Fertil Steril, 96(4): 912-916.

Acupuncture, in fact, can be used at any time during the cycle. For example, to manage the side effects of medication, to relieve swelling of the abdomen both during hormone stimulation and after follicular puncture, or to reduce anxiety especially on the days of waiting until the pregnancy test.